"We completed the challenge!"

Bright and healthy teeth in just 30 days?

Dog-mum Lena and her best friend Susi (5 years) rose to the challenge. Were they successful? 

Did you know that approximately 80% of all dogs over the age of three suffer from dental problems? Discoloration, bleeding gums, inflammation, and bad breath are some of the most common signs that your pet's oral hygiene is suffering.

My dog Susi (5 years) was one of those dogs: from time to time, she had a build-up of tartar that could only be removed under anaesthesia. Each time I was afraid that my dog might not wake up again - after all, that's always a risk

I tried many different methods and devices: my dog hated the toothbrush, chewing bones only worked partially and the effects never lasted long, and the rinses we got from the vet caused her diarrhoea. She's very sensitive in that way.

I'd almost given up when I stumbled across the challenge on Instagram:

"Bright and healthy teeth in just 30 days or your money back!"

I said to myself "What have I got to lose?" I'd tried so many things already, I might as well give this one a try too.

So I clicked on the link, ordered the Fresh Smile snacks from mammaly®, and began the challenge. I trained myself to give Susi the little snacks every single day – which wasn't difficult at all, as she finds them super tasty.

And what can I say, it really worked!

After just 30 days, I noticed the difference – Susi's gums were no longer inflamed, her teeth were brighter, and there were no more signs of the tartar that had began to form again. 

How does Fresh Smile work?

Despite my excitement, I wasn't sure how it worked. How was this different to the countless other things I'd tried before? 

I asked mammaly® directly and to my surprise, one of the founders himself took the time to respond! Where else would you find something like that?

Mammaly's Fresh Smile was born out of the desire to support canine health naturally, which is why they work with veterinarians to develop innovative and functional snacks that really help, Stan revealed.

He makes sure that everything works to the customer's satisfaction personally. And Stan genuinely means it. Although he had a well paying job in finance, he gave it all up to pursue his dream with his buddy Alex.

"When dogs have dental problems, veterinarians often prescribe chemical medication in the form of pastes and rinses. These medications contain active ingredients that may help for a short period, but might in the long run actually do more harm than good. That's why we made it our mission to develop an alternative to chemical medications. We wanted to create something that would support dogs' long-term health naturally, and the results are our innovative and functional snacks, like Fresh Smile", said the CEO.

The real game-changer is that the ingredients in our snacks accumulate inside your dog's body and help their teeth from the inside out. So, it might take a little longer to see the results, but when they come, they're all the more impressive for it. And all this on a purely natural basis!

What's inside those little snacks?

Fresh Smile only contains natural ingredients and is free from artificial or unnecessary additives such as colourings, flavourings, or preservatives. These snacks really do only contain what will actually help your dog.

Some of the most important ingredients, for example, are sodium tripolyphosphate and zinc sulphate. They soften tartar to the point that it's removed through eating, therefore preventing the formation of plaque. It strengthens teeth and supports the entire mouth flora from the inside. Your dog can heal itself thanks to Fresh Smile! And the best thing is, these snacks are also suitable for dogs with dental problems, as well as a great preventative measure to ensure there won't be any issues in the first place!

Although the price of these snacks is a little more compared to other products, you can be sure that they're exactly what your dog needs for a relaxed and healthy life. Moreover, they've been developed with veterinarians and are completely free from artificial additives and plasticizers. They also don't contain any unnecessary fillers that are pretty common in dog food. Which is why I'll happily spend a little more – the results really do speak for themselves!

According to CEO Stan, mammaly® has already made thousands of dog-owners happy across Europe, enabling their dogs to enjoy a relaxed and healthy life. And I'm glad Susi is one of those dogs!


Get started on the 30-day challenge with your dog and I promise you, the results will blow you away! And if not, mammaly® promises a 90-day money-back guarantee. (Not that you'll need it!)

You've got nothing to lose. Try it today!

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

mammaly® offers a 90-day money back guarantee. Just contact our customer service.

"How can I order Fresh Smile?"

Right now, the demand is so high that dog-owners across Europe have nearly emptied our warehouses choosing to support their dogs. 

Because of the high demand, mammaly® cannot guarantee that Fresh Smile will be dispatched the same day. Get your order in as long as they're still available.

And the best part is, mammaly® offers a 25% discount for all new customers.

*Due to the high demand, the maximum number of tins a customer may order is six.

The mammaly® Promise

We're proud that all of our dog treats are produced from high-quality, natural ingredients. Our snacks are not a miracle cure, but they do provide the necessary support for dogs to live a happy and healthy life. As with all food supplements, regular use is recommended to achieve and maintain desired results. 

Read reviews from happy customers from all over Europe:

Lisa M.


Fresh Smile greatly improved my dog´s teeth and breath! I noticed a reduction of the tartar within 3 weeks and his teeth became brighter.

Nadine M.


My secret tip for healthy and brighter teeth! My doggo just can´t get enough of it! Thank you mammaly!

Pauline Franken



Anja Niehaus


This product is incredible. We have two Chihuahua of the age of 14 and the teeth cleaning procedure is no option for us because of the risk. I was skeptical, because we tried so many things already. Now I am a real fan of this product after just 4 weeks. I just wish that I had discovered it earlier. It smells really good and my dogs come running when they hear me opening the can. Their breath smells better now and I can see their teeth getting brighter and brighter each day. Sadly, I forgot to make a before-and-after picture... Thank you so much mammaly! Best regards, balou, belgi, mannfred & betti   

Dorothea Faust


I am using this product for 6 weeks now and could definitely see  that my Yorky´s teeth got brighter and that there is less plaque. I did not expect that his teeth would change over night: that would have been unrealistic. It is good to know that Fresh Smile is keeping the mouth healthy. I can´t tell you what it tastes like but my dog eats it without hesitation. We are looking forward to seeing more results in the future.

Nadine Seib


I bought it because both of my dogs have really bad breath and tartar. Both are elderly dogs so I was a bit hesitant but before going into another veterinary intervention I thought I might give it a try! And... it works really well, their breath is 100% better now. I also think that the tartar problem improved as well. I recommend Fresh Smile.

Try it now and discover all of Fresh Smile's benefits first-hand

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Please follow the feeding recommendations. If you have any questions about the product, please consult your veterinarian.

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