Does your dog also suffer from separation anxiety?

Relieve your dog from anxiety and stress.

How my dog (Clara, 4) overcame her fear of being alone. 

Many dog owners are familiar with this: you leave your dog alone for a few hours to go shopping and run a few errands. You come home and are already looking forward to seeing your darling, open the door full of anticipation and your dog jumps up at you, tail wagging and barking loudly with joy. You greet him happily and ask if he has been sleeping soundly on his seat, but after a short time you realize what has happened. The sofa cushions are scattered all over the flat, the bills have been torn into small pieces and there is even a small puddle behind the dining table...

You start to tidy up the flat again and try not to let anything show so that your darling doesn't get even more scared. But at the same time, you are desperate and don't know what to do next.

Should I never leave my dog alone again so that this won't happen again? But who is supposed to look after him when I need to go shopping? Or should I go to the vet and ask if there are any sedatives? Or will it eventually go away on its own?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

This is not something that goes away on its own. But it's not too late!

The only question now is whether you are one of those dog owners who take action and do something about it. If you do, your dog will be grateful for the rest of his life!

This is your chance to give your dog a stress- and fear-free life.

Can it work without sedatives?

The story of my dog Clara's (4 years old) suffering began last year's summer. I brought Clara home from the animal shelter and took the first three weeks off to give her enough time to get used to her new surroundings. Clara felt at home right from the start and the settling in went without any problems.

It was only when my holiday was over and I had to go back to the office part-time that the problems started. Whenever Clara was home alone, she started chewing up the sofa cushions or pulling the books out of the cupboards and tearing them up afterward. It even got so bad that she peed in my flat and on the sofa. I was totally overwhelmed and didn't know what to do. I felt guilty and helpless. But the worst thing was that Clara always looked at me so sadly.

 I decided to go to the vet and ask him for advice. The vet prescribed me a sedative, which I already had a bad feeling about right at the beginning. In the short term, however, the situation got better and Clara stopped destroying things. But after a few weeks, she started to get diarrhoea and her eyes became dull and spiritless. She was also lazier than before. This was not the Clara I knew. I had to change something... Just like YOU, I was desperately looking for a solution.

Fortunately, I found a vet who suggested a natural alternative to chemical sedatives - mammaly's Relax Time Snacks. I was sceptical, but the vet said that they really do help and that even they were a little sceptical at first. I will never forget their words: "Just try it and make up your own mind. In my experience, this is a REAL alternative to chemical tranquillisers because they actually work."

Over the next two weeks, I completely stopped the chemical sedatives and replaced them with Relax Time Snacks from mammaly. I now feed only 5-8 snacks a day and that's it!

The first changes were noticeable after just one week! Clara's eyes became more lively and clear again. At the same time, she seemed more balanced and calm. When she was alone at home, she almost didn't break anything and didn't pee in the flat anymore.

She is the old dog again, but much more balanced and relaxed. It's a great reassurance when you know you've done the right thing.

What is so special about Relax Time from mammaly®?

I asked myself the exact same question. That's why I contacted the customer service of mammaly. To my surprise, one of the founders even took the time to talk to me personally.

"Mammaly's Relax Time was born out of the desire to support the health of dogs in a natural way. That's why we worked with vets to develop innovative snacks with benefits that really help!" - Stan revealed to me. He is one of the founders of mammaly® and personally takes care that everything really works to the satisfaction of the customers. And Stan really means it. Although he had a well-paid job in finance, he gave up everything to make his dream come true together with his buddy Alex.

"Often chemical sedatives are prescribed by the vet. These often contain clomipramine. Clomipramine does help to produce the neurotransmitter serotonin, which contributes to a positive mood feeling and thus calms the dog. However, chemical sedatives can also lead to sluggishness and lethargy when used for long periods of time. That's why we set ourselves the mission of creating an alternative to chemical sedatives. We wanted to create something that naturally supports a dog's health and the result is our innovative snacks with benefits, like Relax Time." - CEO Stan

Relax Time contains only natural ingredients and no artificial or unnecessary additives. For example, an important ingredient in Relax Time is valerian. As many people already know, valerian is a naturally occurring remedy that helps people relieve stress and anxiety.

Valerian has a similar effect on dogs. It helps the dog to produce calming hormones to reduce anxiety and stress. Your dog almost heals itself thanks to Relax Time! So you can be sure that your dog will not become lax and lethargic, but more balanced and still maintain his vitality.

Does Relax Time help better than other products? - The comparison

I wanted to know for sure. So I tried other calming methods for the sake of comparison. First I ordered valerian drops for dogs because I thought it would be best to give it pure. I quickly realized that I didn't really know how much to give, so I just sprinkled a few drops on the dry food. Unfortunately, Clara didn't like it and rejected the food... the test failed.

Then I found out that you can also buy relaxation devices that are supposed to calm the dog's nerves with music, but unfortunately that didn't have any effect on Clara (much to the dismay of my sofa cushions...) So unfortunately that was no good either.

With mammaly's Relax Time Snacks, on the other hand, I had no problem with either the taste or the effect. According to the manufacturer, the snacks are super tasty for dogs because of the all-natural ingredients and the very high percentage of meat. And Clara also ate the treats without any problems. I don't know anyone who has had any side effects with mammaly's Relax Time Snacks. Test passed!

In addition, it has been developed with veterinarians and is completely free of artificial additives and softeners. It also contains no grains or other fillers that are often found in dog food. That's why I'm willing to spend a little more.

mammaly doesn´t want your dog to miss out on these incredible advantages, that thousands of dog owners noticed after 4-8 weeks...

For that reason, we put together an incredible offer that enables you and your dog to experience those results with enormous deiscount! 

Order Relax Time from mammaly today!

Here at mammaly, we deeply care about your four-legged friend's health.

That's why we're offering you a 25% discount on our Relax Time products today.

With the support of mammaly's dog treats, you can be sure that your dog can live a healthy life.

So get long-term results at the best price TODAY!

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

mammaly® offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. For more information contact our live customer service!.

The mammaly® promise

We are proud that all our products are produced with high quality, natural ingredients. Our snacks are not a miracle cure, they provide the necessary support for a happy and healthy dog's life. As with all food supplements, continuous use is recommended to achieve and maintain the desired results. 

Read from happy customers from all over Europe:

Frank T.


I am stunned because my dog normally barks at everything that moves at our window and there was no way to calm him down. Now (except it's the mailman) when I shout quietly, he is only growling but looking at me to see if I’m satisfied. Before that, he was ignoring my commando completely. Now he is more calm in every way. I am amazed with relax time!!

Frauke & Timmi


We have had this amazing product for 3 weeks and in comparison to another product that the vet recommended, relax time is working more quickly. He seems to be more relaxed. We give him five snacks at night before falling asleep. They offer this product in a subscription so I don't have to remember to reorder it every month. :) :)



I bought relax time for my Jack Russell who is almost nine years old and is suffering from anxiety. I decided to try this snack because I already tried a lot of different powders and didn´t want to buy another useless product. Even though I was skeptical at first, this product proved me wrong. My dog is more relaxed when my niece and nephew visit and he isn't a nervous slob anymore. I also use relax time for daily training and it works really well. He seems like a different dog. I can definitely recommend this product.

Michal G.


 We are absolutely satisfied with the mammaly products and also relax time works really well with our older one (Lab, 8 years). We reward them with the relax time snacks before long drives and when we go outside to eat. We are really excited about how calm she is now.

She really likes eating the snacks and the calming effect is coming after 60-90 minutes but sometimes even faster.

We would buy them again and recommend relax time for sure!



My 3 furry friends love this snack. I do give them a little more than recommended per day but that is because my doggys just love these little snacks. My female dog is actually pretty relaxed and I can't say a lot about the effect. But my male dog has always been a freak and I can see a steady improvement. He is relaxed more often and is not acting as crazy as before. It's not that cheap but when you only feed 5 per day it holds for a long time. I will for sure buy them again - and the delivery was also quicker than expected. 5 out of 5 stars! :-)

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