There's nothing better than having a happy dog, is there?

In Germany alone, there are tens of thousands of dogs suffering from the same problem – arthrosis, joint pain and stiffness. This leads us to believe that there are millions of dogs EU wide suffering from the same symptoms. And it doesn't just impact your dog's wellbeing, it's also pretty painful.

So that you can save your dog from a life of arthrosis and chronic joint pain, we at mammaly have made it our mission to improve the health of all our dogs. That's why we developed dog treats to prevent arthrosis and joint pain and to help relieve pain in pre-existing conditions in a natural way.

And we want to share these three incredible testimonials with you!

Through these three stories, we hope to be able to show you the impact the right treatment can have on your dog's health – it just takes a little time, patience and perseverance – and of course a lot of love and affection for your four-legged friend.

But first, let's let our customers' experiences do the talking...


1. Luna's story

2. Tessa's story

Luna's story

To begin with, I was sceptical as to whether Happy Hips dog treats could really help our 9-year-old Luna. Luna was already suffering from quite chronic joint pain. After walking for just 10 minutes, she would start to limp and whenever she stood up, she was in pain. In the last few years, she couldn't climb stairs at all.

We've been giving her Happy Hips every day now for the last six weeks, and little by little, we're beginning to see improvements. She's able to stand up much better now, and we can go for longer walks again. Last Sunday, we walked for nearly an hour! She's noticeably much more mobile, and we'll definitely keep on giving her Happy Hips dog treats. Luna loves them too!

Quick update: We've been giving Luna Happy Hips dog treats for three months now and we're so happy we tried them. She's running so much more easily now. Of course, at the age of nine, sometimes she needs a little break, but we really can take her everywhere with us now. Huge thanks to the mammaly team! You've made our Luna very happy.

Tessa's story

Our dog Tessa turned 13 this year and has trouble with her hips, and her joints partly. And unfortunately, over the last few years, it's only got worse. Until finally, she was no longer able to climb the steps onto our patio. Since the beginning of February, we've been giving her Happy Hips regularly and since then, she's become a lot more agile. She's even playing with our Collie again, and he's nine years younger!

We will definitely continue to feed her the treats. We're even hoping there'll be larger packets soon!


All these incredible stories motivate and inspire us each day at mammaly to create new and even better dog treats. As it's our hope all dogs can live a healthier and longer life.

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