Top 5 tips to calm your hyperactive dog!

Vets say, if your dog tends to be hyperactive, runs wild through the neighbourhood or won't stop chasing its own tail, this can be a sign of stress. Unfortunately, we don't always recognise when our dogs are stressed or take it seriously. This can have fatal consequences for your dog and can affect not only its behaviour, but also weaken its immune system, making your dog more susceptible to disease. [8 minute read]

The fact that you're reading this article shows that your dog's health is important to you and that you want to do something to prevent your dog from being hyperactive. Read all the way through to find out how hyperactivity is related to stress, why it's so important to do something about stress and what you can do to bring your dog's stress levels down.

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from stress and anxiety too. But unlike humans, our four-legged friends can't express themselves through words and tell us what's making them stressed. Which is why it's even more important for dog owners to recognise when their dog is stressed and to react quickly, as in the long-term, intense stress can weaken your dog's immune system and make it more susceptible to disease.

Hyperactivity in your dog can be the first sign of stress. As some dogs try to relieve their stress through movement (hyperactivity).

Essentially, reacting through stress or fear is quite normal and helps all living beings survive dangerous situations. But while most dogs no longer need to be afraid of being eaten by a larger predator, there are still plenty of situations that your dog may find stressful and trigger a hyperactive reaction.

Whether it's car rides, fireworks, staying home alone or meeting other dogs, there are so many different ways your dog can suddenly feel stressed or anxious.

As a dog owner, it's very important for you to observe your dog carefully and do something proactively to treat your dog's stress. As in some cases, extreme stress can not only lead to hyperactivity but also to your dog biting – which can not only harm other dogs, but humans too.

But what can you do to relieve your dog's stress or anxiety?

Well, luckily, you've found this article! Here you'll discover five tips on how to relieve your dog's fear or stress to ensure they can lead a relaxed and stress-free life. 

But what might happen if you don't do anything about anxiety or stress?

If you don't do anything about your dog's stress or anxiety, it can have serious consequences – not only for your dog but also potentially for you.

If your dog is always suffering from stress, whether it's from being home alone or car rides, their body can produce a variety of reactions, for example trembling, whining, panting, snarling or becoming withdrawn. Hyperactivity is also a sign of stress and should be taken seriously.

Many dogs also start destroying objects around the home, such as toilet paper, cushions or furniture. And in some cases, it can cause vomiting or diarrhoea.

If your dog is showing any of these signs, it's time you did something about it! As your dog is suffering from a great deal of anxiety and stress!

It could even have got to the point where your dog has a weakened immune system and is more susceptible to disease.

Do something about it today, so that your dog can finally lead a healthy and relaxed life free from stress!

But what can you as a dog owner do?

We'll answer this question in the next section through five useful tips!

Top 5 tips to reduce hyperactivity, stress and anxiety in dogs!

To relieve your dog's hyperactivity, it's important to actively do something about your dog's stress and anxiety. And to properly support your dog, you should take these five tips seriously.

Tip 1: Recognise stress!

Not all symptoms of stress are the same, and every dog behaves differently. It also depends on the intensity of the stress, as some situations may be more stressful for your dog than others.

To relieve your dog's stress or anxiety, it's even more important that you recognise if your dog has stress or anxiety!

Some signs in dogs are:
  • Hyperactivity

  • Growling or barking

  • Panting and smacking its lips

  • Trembling and cowering

  • Destroying toys or household objects

Tip 2: Find the cause!

There can be many causes of anxiety and stress in dogs, and it varies from dog to dog. But once you have recognised that your dog is suffering from anxiety or stress, it's important to find and eliminate the cause, as this is the only way to remove stress and anxiety in the long term.

Some causes for stress or anxiety in dogs might be:
  • Long journeys or moving house
  • Loud noises, such as fireworks or sirens

  • Unknown situations and places

  • Accidents or conflicts with other dogs

Tip 3: The right training!

Once you've worked out the cause for your dog's stress, it's time to do something about it. Giving your dog the right training to cope with anxiety can help your dog overcome their stress or anxiety.

It's important however, that you as a dog owner, always remain calm, as your dog can quickly pick up on any uncertainty, nervousness or unease, making training much more difficult.
Tip 4: Active stress relief for your dog!

You can relieve your four-legged friend's stress through activity when it's caused by boredom or a house move for example. As movement and activity can help your dog to calm down and forget its stress.
Tip 5: The right diet!

Diet plays an important role too in why your dog becomes stressed as well as relieving it. Studies show that dog foods that are very high in protein can lead to aggression.

At the same time, many studies also show that certain foods can have a positive effect on stress and anxiety, for example valerian.

Valerian has a calming effect not just on humans, but on dogs too, and can help relieve stress and anxiety.
You can, for example, use food supplements to counteract stress, nervousness and fear in a natural way. You can stop your dog from feeling anxious or afraid from the get-go.

Unfortunately however, many food supplements for dogs do contain flavourings and other artificial additives, which can have a negative impact on your dog's health.

That's why we at mammaly® have made it our mission to support your dog's health to make sure it can lead a healthy and happy life, by developing functional dog treats.

Relax Time dog treats have been developed together with vets and only contain natural ingredients.

Mammaly® Relax Time dog treats also contain important minerals and nutrients that can help your dog find relief from stress and anxiety in a natural way, through valerian and L-Tryptophan for example.

So that you can obtain the best possible results with mammaly®’s Relax Time dog treats, we recommend feeding your dog the treats regularly over a long period.

As, unlike standard food supplements, a complete change often doesn't occur immediately. That's because mammaly®'s dog treats are composed only of natural ingredients, which slowly help your dog from the inside out to find relief from stress and anxiety, making it calmer and more relaxed.

Why are Relax Time dog treats so good for dogs against stress and anxiety?

Mammaly®’s Relax Time dog treats are an important aid in alleviating your dog's stress and anxiety, as they're not only incredibly easy to use, but can also support your dog from the inside react to stressful situations in a more relaxed and calm way.

And as your dog won't be so stressed from the very beginning, it makes dog training easier too.

And that's all down to the unique composition of our dog treats.

Take a closer look at the super paw-ers contained in our Relax Time dog treats:

Valerian has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries and contains calming and soporific active ingredients. Valerian also has an anti-inflammatory effect and is good for digestion.

Cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant. It can reduce anxiety and has both calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

Nettle contains many vital trace elements and vitamins. It even contains more vitamin C than citrus fruit. It contains 40% protein and can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. It is especially well known for its diuretic and detoxifying properties.

Pro- and prebiotics help your dog to regulate their digestion. Probiotics are microorganisms that help your dog establish a balanced gut flora. Prebiotics are indigestible carbohydrates that can be used by probiotics to help strengthen your dog from the inside out. Both pre- and probiotics improve the normal functioning of your dog's gut and help regenerate their gut flora.

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The mammaly® promise

We're proud that all of our dog treats are produced from high-quality, natural ingredients. Our treats aren't a miracle cure, but they do provide all the support your dog needs to live a happy and healthy life. As with all food supplements, regular use is recommended to achieve and maintain desired results.

Relax Time success stories

Camilla's story

Camilla was often scared

Our five-year-old Camilla is very nervous, probably due to something in her past. We got Camilla when she was already two, and prior to that she had been living on the street with an unkind owner. On walks she would whine at strangers and other dogs, her anxious cries were simply heart-breaking.

My husband and I were at a loss. We tried everything, even training with a dog trainer. Almost by accident, we stumbled on Relax Time. I give them to Camilla three times a day before her food and since then she has become a lot more relaxed. Depending on the time of day, the whimpering and whining has virtually stopped, and she even recently played with a dog that she met on a walk, something she would never have done before. Thank you so much! Because of Relax Time, Camilla is much, much calmer now and can now even play with strange dogs, something I never thought possible.

Read reviews from happy customers from all over Europe:

Frank T.


I am stunned because my dog normally barks at everything that moves at our window and there was no way to calm him down. Now (except it's the mailman) when I shout quietly, he is only growling but looking at me to see if I’m satisfied. Before that, he was ignoring my commando completely. Now he is more calm in every way. I am amazed with relax time!!

Frauke & Timmi


We have had this amazing product for 3 weeks and in comparison to another product that the vet recommended, relax time is working more quickly. He seems to be more relaxed. We give him five snacks at night before falling asleep. They offer this product in a subscription so I don't have to remember to reorder it every month. :) :)



I bought relax time for my Jack Russell who is almost nine years old and is suffering from anxiety. I decided to try this snack because I already tried a lot of different powders and didn´t want to buy another useless product. Even though I was skeptical at first, this product proved me wrong. My dog is more relaxed when my niece and nephew visit and he isn't a nervous slob anymore. I also use relax time for daily training and it works really well. He seems like a different dog. I can definitely recommend this product.

Michal G.


We are absolutely satisfied with the mammaly products and also relax time works really well with our older one (Lab, 8 years). We reward them with the relax time snacks before long drives and when we go outside to eat. We are really excited about how calm she is now.

She really likes eating the snacks and the calming effect is coming after 60-90 minutes but sometimes even faster.

We would buy them again and recommend relax time for sure!



My 3 furry friends love this snack. I do give them a little more than recommended per day but that is because my doggos just love these little snacks. My female dog is actually pretty relaxed and I can't say a lot about the effect. But my male dog has always been a freak and I can see a steady improvement. He is relaxed more often and is not acting as crazy as before. It's not that cheap but when you only feed 5 per day it holds for a long time. I will for sure buy them again - and the delivery was also quicker than expected. 5 out of 5 stars! :-)


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