What to do when your dog has bad breath?

Free your dog from bad breath and bacteria in the mouth

How my dog (Tommy, 8) cured his bad breath

Most dog owners are familiar with this situation: You wake up in the morning, the birds are chirping and the day couldn't start more perfectly… but then you have this horrible smell in your nose. You open your eyes and your dog is happily smiling at you. He is wagging his tail and panting… so that's where the smell is coming from.

At first you may think that the smell is perfectly normal. But then it gets as bad that you don't even want to give a kiss to your dog. And the teeth are looking suspiciously yellow?

So you buy different chewing sticks and pastes that promise fresh breath and clean teeth but the promised result is never happening so you grab the toothbrush. That is a fatal mistake because your dog HATES the damn toothbrush. So the bad breath is getting unbearable and the teeth are getting more and more yellow…

Slowly you start to worry: Is this smell really normal and harmless? Is brown stuff staying at the top? Should the next attempt be with the hated toothbrush? Or try a new product?

Your last glimpse of hope is the vet - and they explain to you that only chemical pastes or mouthwash could help because there is something wrong with the mouth. What exactly? Yes, there are bacteria that you need to fight or otherwise your dog will get tartar. And those can only be removed in anesthesia and that's not what you want right?

You are stunned and shocked. Do you really need to pump the dog up with chemicals to prevent worse? Is there no better solution?

There is! And it's not even complicated. The question is: Are you one of the dog owners that take matters into their own hands to help their dog? If you are, your dog will be grateful forever.

This is your chance to make a life without bad breath or tartar possible for your dog.

But how? Buy different pastes that allegedly keep the mouth and the teeth of your dog clean? Doesn't that feel wrong in the long run? It does because all the chemicals in it can damage the digestive and immune system of your dog! Instead of helping your dog he can get sick and get diarrhea.

That's why it's important that you read this article. It can help you make the right decisions for your dog and create a long and healthy life without bad breath or tartar.

Is there a way without chemical medicines?

My dog got pastes and mouthwash against bad breath from the doctor for a long time - you don't know any better and trust the expert. As soon as the smell started again we were sitting in the waiting room. Again, again and again. But all the chemicals didn't feel right.

With my dog Tommy (8 years old) I started to notice the smell from the mouth last year. At first, I thought that that was normal but it was getting worse and the teeth were getting more yellow! So it was time to go to the vet, get any kind of treatment, and leave over 100€ there. Tommy was feeling good again, the breath was smelling fresh and the teeth were cleaner - so I thought that's it. A few months later: it started all over again. And then he started to get bad diarrhea from all the medicine and got more and more floppy.

I was totally overwhelmed and didn't know what to do. I was feeling guilty and helpless. But the worst thing: Tommy was always looking at me so sadly.

In my despair I was questioning my vet. Were there no alternatives to the pastes and mouthwashes? Couldn't we start at the root? It has to be possible to spare the dog from all diarrhea and chemicals! But the vet only said that it's normal to have bad breath and teeth problems at that age. There is nothing else we can do against the bacteria but to use chemicals.

And I did see short-term results but I was never for a longer time. For a short time, the bad breath was gone but then diarrhea started and Tommy was starting to be really weak. That's when I had to change something. Just like YOU I was searching for a solution.

Luckily I found a vet that showed me a natural alternative to chemical methods - mammaly’s Fresh Smile snacks. At first, I was skeptical but then the vet assured me that he really wanted to help and was skeptical in the beginning too. I will never forget his words: “Just try it out and build your own opinion. In my experience, this is a REAL alternative to chemical products against bad breath because they really do work.”

In the next two weeks, I had completely stopped with the chemical pastes and mouthwashes and replaced them with the Fresh Smile Snacks from mammaly®. I now feed my dog 2-3 snacks a day and that's it!

After a few weeks, I saw the first changes! Tommy´s mouth was not smelly anymore, his digestion was back to normal and his teeth seemed a lot cleaner! Finally, he is back to his old self. A great confirmation to know that you have done the right thing.

My dog is so much better thanks to Fresh Smile

What is so special about mammaly®´s Fresh Smile Snacks?

I asked myself the same question. That's why I contacted the customer service of mammaly® and to my surprise, even one of the founders personally took the time for me.

“Mammaly’s Fresh Smile was developed with the vision to support the health of dogs in a natural way. That's why we worked with vets to develop functional snacks that really do help!” - Stan said.

He is one of the founders of mammaly® and personally oversees everything to ensure that every customer is satisfied. And Stan really means it. Even though he had a well-paid job in finance he gave it up to realize his dream together with his buddy Alex.

“Vets often prescribe chemical medicine against bacteria in the mouth. These chemical medicines have ingredients that may fight the bacteria in the short run but in the long run, they do more harm than they can help because they attack the “good” bacteria too. That's why we took it as our job to create an alternative to the chemical products. We wanted something that sustainably supports the long-term health of dogs in a natural way and the result are our innovative functional snacks like Fresh Smile. - CEO Stan.

Fresh Smile contains only natural ingredients and no artificial or unnecessary additives. The most important ingredients are for example eggshell powder, zinksulfat, and peppermint. They strengthen the teeth, soften the existing tartar and make the breath smell fresh. The whole oral flora gets supported from the inside. Thanks to Fresh Smile your dog heals himself! And the best thing is: the snacks are for dogs that already have issues with bad breath and other teeth issues but it also acts as prevention so that it won´t even get that far.

Does Fresh Smile help more than other products? - A comparison

I wanted to know more. That's why I compared other products against teeth problems like different pills or chewing sticks. They seemed to be ok regarding their ingredients, not as extensive but they should help. They didn't!

My dog let the pills fall and it only worked with liverwurst and yes.. After a few days we had problems with diarrhea. Test failed!

Now the chewing stick had his turn. My dog liked eating them and really devoured them but the result was sobering. I guess the bad breath got better or I at least imagined it but  it didn't help against discoloration. Also failed.

With mammaly’s Fresh Smile snacks I didn't have any problems  with either acceptance or the effect. According to the manufacturer the snacks are only made with natural ingredients and high percentage of meat and that's why the dogs love them, and the teeth are also supported in a natural way. My Tommy had no issues eating the snacks. I don't know anyone that had any kind of side effects with mammaly’s Fresh Smile snacks. Passed the test!

Yes the price of the snacks is a bit higher than other products but you can be sure that your dog gets exactly what they need for a healthy and relaxed life. And also they were developed with vets and are completely free from additives or softener. They don't have any kind of filler which is often found in dog food. That's why they are worth the money.

According to the CEO Stan mammaly® already made thousands of dog owners happy in German-süeaking countries and enabled a healthy and relaxed life for their dogs. And I’m happy that Tommy is one of them!

Now my dog can happily pant at me again.


Did my story touch you? Is it also your biggest wish to enable a happy and relaxed life for your dog? Then see my story as an example and try mammaly’s Fresh Smile snacks.

If you order the snacks today you can save 25% off on your first order. Also they offer you a 90-day-money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. You have nothing to lose! Try it out today!

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90 Day Money Back Guarantee

mammaly® bietet eine 90 Tage Geld-zurück-Garantie an. Diese kann mit unserem Live Kunden-Service in Anspruch genommen werden.

"How can I order Fresh Smile?"

Right now the demand is so high that dog owners in the German-speaking area empty the warehouses to support their dogs.  

Because of the high demand, mammaly® cannot garantuee that Fresh Smile will be dispatched the same day. So order as long as the snacks are still available.

The best part? mammaly® offers a 25% discount for all new customers.

*Caused by the high demand, the maximum amount has a limit of 6 cans per customer

The mammaly® promise

We are proud that all our products are produced with high quality, natural ingredients. Our snacks are not a miracle cure, they provide the necessary support for a happy and healthy dog's life. As with all food supplements, continuous use is recommended to achieve and maintain the desired results. 

Read from happy customers from all over Europe:

Lisa M.


Fresh Smile greatly improved my dog´s teeth and breath! I noticed a reduction of the tartar within 3 weeks and his teeth became brighter.

Nadine M.


My secret tip for healthy and brighter teeth! My doggo just can´t get enough of it! Thank you mammaly!

Pauline Franken



Anja Niehaus


This product is incredible. We have two Chihuahua of the age of 14 and the teeth cleaning procedure is no option for us because of the risk. I was skeptical, because we tried so many things already. Now I am a real fan of this product after just 4 weeks. I just wish that I had discovered it earlier. It smells really good and my dogs come running when they hear me opening the can. Their breath smells better now and I can see their teeth getting brighter and brighter each day. Sadly, I forgot to make a before-and-after picture... Thank you so much mammaly! Best regards, balou, belgi, mannfred & betti   

Dorothea Faust


I am using this product for 6 weeks now and could definitely see  that my Yorky´s teeth got brighter and that there is less plaque. I did not expect that his teeth would change over night: that would have been unrealistic. It is good to know that Fresh Smile is keeping the mouth healthy. I can´t tell you what it tastes like but my dog eats it without hesitation. We are looking forward to seeing more results in the future.

Nadine Seib


I bought it because both of my dogs have really bad breath and tartar. Both are elderly dogs so I was a bit hesitant but before going into another veterinary intervention I thought I might give it a try! And... it works really well, their breath is 100% better now. I also think that the tartar problem improved as well. I recommend Fresh Smile.

Make the experience as well and discover all of Fresh Smile´s advantages first hand

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