Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety?

Relieve your dog from anxiety and stress.

Veterinarians say these innovative treats give dogs with severe stress and anxiety the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed and stress-free life. If your pet also experiences frequent stress and fear, read the full article to learn how. [5 min reading time]

More and more dogs suffer from stress and anxiety

In a survey, 76% of German dog owners said that their dog barks excessively during walks or when they are at home alone.

36% said their dog is afraid of noises, such as fireworks, storms or thunderstorms.

41% of German dog owners said that their dog is afraid of being left alone.

Unfortunately, these statistics won't improve until we start to do something about it.

Sadly, today's pet food industry is out of date and is often the cause of today's dog problems.

Most products are sold as miracle cures for all kinds of diseases. They're supposed to help against arthritis, tartar, digestive problems, stress or itching, but in reality, they're full of artificial additives or contain ingredients that are completely UNNECESSARY for dogs.

Thankfully, there's now a company with a completely new way of thinking that has developed innovative snacks.

With veterinary support, we've discovered that it's possible to support your dog's health and reduce anxiety and stress in a natural way, even with 100% natural ingredients.

Ask yourself...

Is your dog really being provided with the daily support it needs to naturally relieve anxiety and stress?

If your answer is NO, then read on....

Your dog has the right to live a happy dog life without stress and anxiety!

And the best thing is your dog can have a worry-free life without completely changing its diet.

With Relax Time from mammaly, start making changes today so that your dog can start experiencing them tomorrow.

Why is Relax time so effective?

 Now's the time to make the decision that will help your dog overcome stress and anxiety.

And Relax Time by mammaly is the right choice! It's the only innovative, intelligent functional snack in the entire German-speaking region.

Mammaly doesn't use unnecessary additives or softeners, which often make up close to 50% of the ingredients in today's pet foods.

We have developed our functional snacks together with veterinarians and only use natural ingredients. This means our snacks are completely free from artificial additives. This is exactly the kind of support your dog needs to overcome severe anxiety and stress.

Mammaly's Relax Time snacks are designed to give your dog all the vitamins and minerals it needs to overcome anxiety and stress, just by eating a few snacks each day.

A simple, natural way to support your pet's health.

Just four Relax Time snacks each day will have a positive effect on your dog

Balances all-round

Brightens mood

Lowers stress 

and anxiety

Good for 



healthy teeth





Strengthens the 

immune system

Do these snacks really live up to their promise?


The company that developed Relax Time is so convinced that their product does what it promises, they're offering you a 90-day money back guarantee.

So if you're not completely satisfied with the product, you can make use of the 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

We're convinced thought it won't come to that.

Because Relax Time Snacks are made of special ingredients that will naturally help your dog reduce anxiety and stress. So that they can become a calm dog enjoying a relaxed life.

Mammaly only uses natural ingredients, such as L-Tryptophan, a precursor to the hormone serotonin and which helps brighten moods, as well as valerian, which calms the central nerve system.

Relax Time snacks contain pro- and prebiotics that have a positive effect on your dog's immune system, so that your dog can live a long and healthy life.

You won't find another supplement recommended by vets that supports your dog in such a natural way. Which is why it's loved by so many dog owners and their best friends.

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90-Day Money Back Guarantee

mammaly® offers a 90-day money back guarantee. Just contact our customer service.

"How can I order Relax Time?"

Right now, the demand is so high that dog-owners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have nearly emptied our warehouses choosing to support their dogs.  

Because of the high demand, mammaly® cannot guarantee that Relax Time will be dispatched the same day. Get your order in as long as they're still available.

And the best part is, mammaly® offers a 25% discount for all new customers.

*Due to the high demand, the maximum number of tins a customer may order is six.

The mammaly® promise

We're proud that all of our dog treats are produced from high-quality, natural ingredients. Our snacks are not a miracle cure, but they do provide the necessary support for dogs to live a happy and healthy life. As with all food supplements, regular use is recommended to achieve and maintain desired results. 

Read from happy customers from all over Europe:

Frank T.


I am stunned because my dog normally barks at everything that moves at our window and there was no way to calm him down. Now (except it's the mailman) when I shout quietly, he is only growling but looking at me to see if I’m satisfied. Before that, he was ignoring my commando completely. Now he is more calm in every way. I am amazed with relax time!!

Frauke & Timmi


We have had this amazing product for 3 weeks and in comparison to another product that the vet recommended, relax time is working more quickly. He seems to be more relaxed. We give him five snacks at night before falling asleep. They offer this product in a subscription so I don't have to remember to reorder it every month. :) :)



I bought relax time for my Jack Russell who is almost nine years old and is suffering from anxiety. I decided to try this snack because I already tried a lot of different powders and didn´t want to buy another useless product. Even though I was skeptical at first, this product proved me wrong. My dog is more relaxed when my niece and nephew visit and he isn't a nervous slob anymore. I also use relax time for daily training and it works really well. He seems like a different dog. I can definitely recommend this product.

Michal G.


 We are absolutely satisfied with the mammaly products and also relax time works really well with our older one (Lab, 8 years). We reward them with the relax time snacks before long drives and when we go outside to eat. We are really excited about how calm she is now.

She really likes eating the snacks and the calming effect is coming after 60-90 minutes but sometimes even faster.

We would buy them again and recommend relax time for sure!



My 3 furry friends love this snack. I do give them a little more than recommended per day but that is because my doggys just love these little snacks. My female dog is actually pretty relaxed and I can't say a lot about the effect. But my male dog has always been a freak and I can see a steady improvement. He is relaxed more often and is not acting as crazy as before. It's not that cheap but when you only feed 5 per day it holds for a long time. I will for sure buy them again - and the delivery was also quicker than expected. 5 out of 5 stars! :-)

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Please follow the feeding recommendations. If you have any questions about the product, please consult your veterinarian

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